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Hoe werkt verkopen op Alles wat je moet weten

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Is it still profitable to sell products on


Benefits of selling on

Selling products on can still be profitable due to the wide reach of the platform and the high degree of trust that consumers have in the website. It  offers sellers the opportunity to present their products to a wide audience, making it easy for customers to make purchases while selling on .

Disadvantages of selling on

However, due to increasing competition and the high commission costs that charges, it can become increasingly difficult for sellers to remain profitable. In addition, it is important to take into account the requirements and conditions that imposes on sellers, which can entail the necessary administrative burden.

What is the percentage that charges?


Percentage that charges charges an average commission of 12% on the sales price of a product. This percentage may vary depending on the product category and any additional services that the seller purchases.

Transparency about costs

The percentage that charges is clearly communicated to sellers and can be found on the website. It is important for sellers to consider these costs when determining their sales prices and profit margins.

How can you sell products on


Offer products on

To sell products on, you must first create a sales account on the platform. You can then add products to your range and offer them on

Optimize your product pages

To sell successfully on, it is important to optimize your product pages. Provide good product photos, a clear product description and a competitive price. In addition, it is useful to collect positive reviews to increase the confidence of potential buyers.

How much is the income you generate by selling on


How much is the income you generate by selling on

The income you generate by trading on can vary greatly depending on factors such as the type of product you sell. Additionally, it can be influenced by the competition and your sales strategy. Some salespeople can earn a modest income, while others manage to generate a lucrative full-time income.

How can I increase my income by selling on

To maximize your income from retailing on, it’s crucial to implement several strategic approaches. Firstly, developing a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your target audience can significantly boost your sales potential.

Secondly, optimizing your products for search engines enhances their visibility, making them more accessible to potential customers. Providing top-notch customer service is equally vital, as it fosters trust and encourages repeat business. Moreover, expanding your product range allows you to cater to a broader customer base, increasing your earning potential.

Actively engaging with customer feedback enables you to address concerns promptly and improve your offerings accordingly. Finally, maintaining a culture of innovation ensures that your product line remains fresh and appealing to buyers, driving sustained growth and income on the platform.

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