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38 SEO Google tips


In this article I have listed 38 tips, written specifically on SEO for Google, but of course these tips are also very useful if you do not focus your SEO on Google, but on other search engines.


Why 38? Just because it’s a nice number, right?


1. Speed ​​of loading is very important for a search engine

2. Google does not do anything with the meta tag keywords

3. Also give a link a title attribute

Use the Google webmaster tool to research

5. Only put one h1 tag on a page unless you have a good reason

6. Don’t just write with SEO for Google in mind, write for people

7. Stay away from link farms

8. Provide paid links rel = ”nofollow”

9. Google can sometimes read Flash, but rather not

10. Make use of local information on Google

11. Provide your website with rich content

12. Those are videos

13. Tweets

14. Text

15. Audio

16. PDFs and so on.

17. Place internal and outgoing links in your website

18. Provide quality, quality content

19. You only need to log in to Google once

20. Registration is usually not even necessary at all

21. Penguin update: websites were punished for trying to manipulate rankings

22. Panda update: Penalty for poor quality content or duplicate content

23. Over-optimization is also punished

24. Selling links yourself can also be penalized

25. Also use the Google Shopping tool if you have a webshop

26. Take advantage of visitor responses, which are valuable

27. Google SEO is also targeting Google Images

28. Youtube is also from Google

29. You can also use Google maps locally for searching

30. A good domain name is important to a search engine

31. Make sure you have a sitemap

32. Make sure you are clear on which keywords you want to be found

33. Use the Adwords keyword tool to measure popularity

34. Know who is linking to you, even in a negative sense

35. Blog posts on WordPress websites are indexed in no time.

36. Just deliver quality, don’t go for quantity

37. The fourth or fifth place in search results is also high!

38. Link building is only useful for quality links.


You see there is a lot to tell about SEO for Google. The Linkbuilder has knowledge of obtaining links in a qualitative way. We can help you to get good rankings in Google and other search engines in a fair way.