feb 19

Social Media Marketing

Marketing via Social media, not an easy subject! Many people think that when they are active on social media, marketing will come naturally. And that is precisely not the case.

Being active on social media does not immediately mean that you understand the medium. There are big differences between the major social media out there, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and Pinterest.

Marketing is hard work and so is social media. In this article I zoom in on the 5 most important social media and marketing strategies that work for this.


Facebook is currently the largest social media network. But Facebook cannot just be used as marketing. For example, you can create a personal account and then attach a company account to it. So you cannot simply promote your company with a personal account.

It even goes a step further, Facebook does not even formally allow you to take all kinds of actions via Facebook.

They want to move that piece to the advertising section. This means that as a company you have to pay to run certain promotions. Many entrepreneurs are not aware of this, although it is an important aspect.

Use Facebook as an instrument to make contact with your supporters and to present yourself in a personal way. Link a company page to your account and ensure that you communicate with your customers there in an interactive way.


Just as Facebook is a must for a business, Twitter is also an obligation when doing social media marketing. Twitter is somewhat easier to use in this respect, as you can use it as a marketing and promotion tool without any problems.

Only it is wise not to use it just that way. By also using Twitter as a tool to write about others, you build up a certain credit.

By posting a tweet to interesting articles online casino about your own niche, if necessary from a non-direct competitor, you show what is going on among your target group.

This is also greatly appreciated by not only your own supporters, but also by people who are not yet following you. They will see you as the expert in your field and you show that you have a broader view than just your own ‘toko’.

Twitter can be used well as a marketing tool to name all kinds of developments in a short and powerful way. In addition, it is also a bit of personality. For example, by using a good photo of yourself. You thereby establish the link between you as a person and your company.


I would use Linkedin less as a marketing tool in a promotional sense. Rather, use it as a tool to make contacts in your business environment. Don’t use it to promote all kinds of promotions.

For example, if you are looking for staff, Linkedin is the social media marketing place par excellence. here you will find your staff!

Linkedin can be used well as a medium to build business networks. If you are active in a certain sector, you can start a so-called group here.

With this group you can approach other industry peers and enter into discussions. The more active you are in this, the higher others assess your professionalism. Make sure you have something to say, of course.


Google plus is your connection between all social networks and ‘search’. You can use Google plus to set up interactions with your network as you can from all other components.

It is true that google plus is much less widespread compared to the three other social media (Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook).

According to a recent survey

Dutch growth Facebook and Twitter is stagnating

Facebook has 7.9 million users. Twitter 3.3 million and Google plus about 2 million. The problem for Google plus is actually that it occupies a less specific segment compared to the other social media and many people have an account because this is often useful as a link for other products used for google, such as drive and calendar.


Pinterest may be the odd one out when it comes to social media marketing. Pinterest is set up as a kind of bulletin board for images that you find interesting.

The social aspect of Pinterest is that not only do you put images on your wall that you like, but you can also ‘repin’ images from others.

With this repin you give a ‘like’, or ‘plus’, as it were. Not only is the image used when you pin it, a link is also placed.

Certainly in the field of women’s marketing it is an interesting medium for a company to use. When you consider that over 90% of Pinterest users are women, you can see why.