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beter gevonden in google

Beter vindbaar in Google

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Als laatste aangepast op 19/03/2024 door Steffen Boskma

Well, an obvious question that we regularly get on our plate at the link builder … “How can I become easier to find in Google”. It is a question that almost every webmaster nowadays asks.

Even when it comes to websites that rank high in Google. It seems as if nothing is certain in life and so a top 10 position in Google may suddenly disappear tomorrow. Just ask companies that have been affected by Pinguin and Panda updates from Google.

Better findable? In Google? Yes that is possible, but it is not a matter of today to tomorrow. It requires expertise, it requires a clear strategy in your approach, it takes time and energy.


So you need to be knowledgeable. You need to know what the main effects are of certain parts. For example, it is a must to use good title tags. A clear meta description is also important. This meta description is not used as an indexing tool, but it is used to display your results in Google.

A good description also makes you easier to find in Google. See the description as a small ad. You have to stand out from all those other search results. Maybe it’s not even essential to get the first place, maybe it’s more important to be the first to click.

Research has shown that this is not necessarily the online casino first place, but the most catchy text in the description. And then the description of the title in combination with what is below.

Clear strategy

A clear strategy is essential. You cannot expect to hit the bullseye with a shot of hail. Yes it is possible, but with luck. It is better to use a precision rifle and then hit the target. Wait quietly and patiently, check your breath, then pull the trigger. Bang, hit. You turn off strategy. You map out where you want to be easier to find. And then you start to focus on that.

And as I said, it comes down to rest, building on the findability, building on your reputation and slowly but surely you rise in the results.

The link builder specializes in setting up clear strategies to make it easier to find in Google. Get the specialist in house. Take a look at the references of our customers ( referenties ).

Practical example Amadore

Amadore, for example, has Hotels in Zeeland. They asked us to work for them, to better understand this name when people are searching in a search engine. Thanks to a successful strategy, they are now on average sixth in the search results when you search for Hotel Zeeland. A lasting result!

Better findable in Google? Yes of course, it is possible!